SATA Technology Group represents the new and advanced thinking to provide services with the concept of absolute quality in many different fields such as (Food delivery – shipping – transportation – shopping – tourism and travel – payments and money transfer).

Social Responsibility

One of the fundamentals that SATA Group cares for, Community participation according to the SATA Group framework seeks to provide any service with a humanitarian perspective away from profit and trade. Its policy has been drawn and it kept an eye on all humanities and social contributions with those projects and programs.

Our group aims to implement social services and keep up between advanced technology and working institutions; as well as we work to distribute the culture of social responsibility.

Those types of activities are represented in services that provide public benefit to members of the community and participate with everyone in providing these activities to eliminate social problems, which creates an attractive climate for progress and prosperity for all members of society.


Integrity and transparency in everything we do are characterized by openness, applying the highest standards of professional ethics as a group and as individuals.


We are doing our best to achieve the highest ethical standards on a personal and professional level in all aspects of our business.


Our success depends on our ability to provide the best services to our customers, and we are committed to fulfilling  the aspirations of our customers and giving them the best experience


We believe that innovation is an essential competitive advantage and a continuous luxury, so we rely on it and promote it


In the development of the electronic services system

Speech CEO

Dr. Azza Mohamed Attia

We at SATA Technology Group have developed a slogan, which is the best choice, and we mean it literally. The group’s systems structure is based on the best choice, which is to be the best in providing technological services that achieves welfare for consumers based on the principle of high quality, competitive price, and means of comfort. So we at SATA group we put that in mind, and we are working in an accelerated manner to keep up with any changes that would upgrade our services to the highest level of service and all for the convenience of our customers, and therefore our sincere intention in managing the Group has adopted this principle, focusing on it and we pray to -Allah Almighty- Good luck in our journey. Ultimately, we all hope to be an active part of society.

Speech Chairman’s

Moosa Ben Saif Al Hasani
We always strive in SATA Technology Group to develop the work environment and create an atmosphere conducive to creativity, innovation, and excellence, and because we realize the meaning of quality, opportunity and real value, the quality in providing our services is the pivot around which everyone revolves around the SATA Group, and SATA Group adds real value to its customers through service quality Provided to them and through real customer service and a capable team working around the clock to serve them.

Therefore, we constantly strive to improve and innovate everything that serves our valued customers’ needs and our customers’ satisfaction has all priority.

We constantly and continuously seek to develop the technology that we use to achieve the aspirations and needs and achieve the Group’s trends in development, expansion, and customer satisfaction.

And achieve constant rapid spread to reach everyone without exception.